Seed Treating Cost/Unit
Optimize 400 $3.75
Trilex 6000 $5.50
Handling Charge $.75


Optimize 400

Optimize 400 with LCO Promoter Technology for soybeans enables your crop to achieve its full genetic potential by enhancing nutritional capabilities that drive natural growth processes, maximizing plant health and crop performance.  Optimize 400 increases yield as well as the protein and oil content of soybeans.  This product is particularly effective early in the planting season because it stimulates nodule production even when soil temperatures are cool.

  • Enhanced root system for improved nutrient and water uptake.
  • Earlier and increased nodule development for improved nitrogen fixation.
  • Improved vigor, stand and emergence produces healthier, faster developing plants.
  • Faster canopy closure, reducing weed pressure and conserving soil moisture.
  • Increased flexibility with a seed treatment compatibility of 120 days.

 Trilex 6000

Trilex 6000 surrounds your seed with two fungicides, a biological fungicide, and insecticide, a proprietary seed coating to improve plantability and a colorant.  Increased crop vigor, stands and yields start the moment your seed hits the ground.

  • Unique combination of fungicides, plus a biological fungicide and an insecticide provides six layers of powerful protection.
  • Increased window of protection over other seed treatments.
  • Consistent yield increase across a wide range of environmental and soil conditions.
  • Average yield increase of 4.8bu/acre over untreated (78% yield response on 74 replicated trials, 2066-2009).
  • Systemic activity targets, concentrating active ingredients on the root zone where the plant needs it most.

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