We have a great group of employees who are dedicated to our mission of serving you cooperatively and professionally.

Chris Piotrowski

Chris Piotrowski

CEO | General Manager

Dan Tanata

Ag Services Manager

When I’m not working…
I’m building things in my workshop

Dave Mayville

Retail Operations Manager

When I’m not working…
I’m spending time with my children or camping

Louise Boettcher

ACE Hardware Manager

When I’m not working…
I’m doing projects around my house

Melissa Glamann

Rib Lake Cenex Manager

When I’m not working…
I’m playing with my daughter

Christina Johnson

Marketing Director

When I’m not working…
you might find me in my kitchen baking.

Andrew Stotka


When I’m not working…
I’m probably bowling

Joan Dettmering

Credit Manager

When I’m not working…
I’m trying to keep up with my kids.


We are lucky to have a dedicated board who place a high priority on the success of your cooperative.

From left to right: Brad Dahlvig, Ken Sova, Gary Kohn, Ryan Klussendorf, Joe Tomandl


100% of contracts honored...ALWAYS

Choosing a propane supplier is like choosing any service provider, price is a factor but reliability is most important. For example, would you sign up for phone, internet or cable service knowing that the company can only guarantee it will work 85% of the time? The safety and comfort of you and your family is very important, choosing a provider who can assure top-notch service 100% of the time will make your decision very easy!

Services Offered

  • 24/7 Emergency Service
  • Safety Certified Drivers
  • Complete Tank Installation
  • Automated/Scheduled Delivery
  • Complete Safety Check
  • Outstanding Safety Record