Agricultural Services

Building Better Relationships

Our Mission

To serve our community cooperatively and professionally. 

Why We Love What We Do

Our mission isn’t just a statement.  Our mission is our culture. It defines who we are.  Ag Services is all about serving our many area dairy and crop producers.  We pride ourselves on exceeding expectations and providing personal service from each and every one of our employees.  Medford Cooperative Ag Services is committed to the success of our producer members by providing innovative programs, value added services, and consistent results.

Our Agriculture Co Op Provides:

Crop Nutrients

Our knowledgeable agronomy staff has the tools and capabilities to provide you with the best fertilizer planning and recommendations for your farm.

Crop Protection

We provide custom application and chemical programs/plans for our customers. We provide competitively priced products that increase your yield.


We carry a wide variety of seed and place the right seed for your production goals.

Animal Nutrition

We have the feed solution for you. Our innovative feed programs focus on cow health and producing pounds of fat and protein in the most efficient way possible.  We have two Dairy Production Consultants on staff – ready to serve you.

Grain Services

We provide outstanding marketing, drying and grain storage services.  We are a certified Grain Warehouse Dealer.


100% of contracts honored...ALWAYS

Choosing a propane supplier is like choosing any service provider, price is a factor but reliability is most important. For example, would you sign up for phone, internet or cable service knowing that the company can only guarantee it will work 85% of the time? The safety and comfort of you and your family is very important, choosing a provider who can assure top-notch service 100% of the time will make your decision very easy!

Services Offered

  • 24/7 Emergency Service
  • Safety Certified Drivers
  • Complete Tank Installation
  • Automated/Scheduled Delivery
  • Complete Safety Check
  • Outstanding Safety Record