We strive to be the best fuel supplier available in the area. Choosing a supplier can be difficult with so many factors to consider. Here are a few benefits to choosing Medford Cooperative:

  • We will always have enough to keep you supplied.
    • Not all suppliers can supply fuel or propane during peak demand times or when supply gets tight. Medford Cooperative can guarantee supply year round, no matter what the market conditions.
  • We will provide you with options.
    • We offer a number of choices on fuel purchasing to best meet your needs. Contracting is one of the choices that offers security and peace of mind for fuel and propane customers. Budget and flexible billing options are also nice to have as an option. Whatever your needs, we will be there to work with you.
  • We offer a high quality premium diesel fuel.
    • Many companies claim to have a good “premium fuel”. On occasion we still encounter some customers who believe they are purchasing Amoco Premier, a fuel that was an excellent choice 10 years ago – however, it no longer exists. We provide Cenex Ruby Fieldmaster and Roadmaster XL, which are the world’s bestselling premium diesel fuels for over 70 years – and for good reason. They’re computer blended right into the truck at the fuel terminal, and not splash blended. You can be sure Cenex premium fuels will guarantee reduced maintenance and better fuel economy than a typical #2.
  • We will always take your call.
    • …even if it’s 2 am on Sunday morning. We are proud to have 24/7 on call emergency technicians and delivery drivers.
  • We have measures set up to eliminate fuel related problems and downtime.
    • Cold weather is no time to be running out of heating fuel or propane. Our scheduled delivery program eliminates run-outs and emergency calls. We’ll watch your tank for you and make sure you never have to call and say “I’m out!”.
      If you have work to do outside in the cold, our trained drivers will make sure you’re equipment is up and running without any fuel related downtime. Products like our Cenex Wintermaster fuel provides guaranteed operability all the way down to 30 below zero!