Evaluating supplements and additives during a period of low milk price is very common.  The current (4/1/16)  price for fat is $2.21/lb. and protein is $1.92/lb.  It doesn’t happen very often that fat and protein pricing are inverted. Amino acid balancing for protein may not pay as much as it did last year at this time. Each producer has to remember that lysine and methionine are required nutrients just like vitamins and minerals.  Dietary lysine levels drive milk production and are also very important for milk fat production. Prices for synthetic lysine and methionine have dropped and our least cost ration balancer is still pulling them in for balanced rations.

The attached article from the Miner Institute reminds us that amino acid balancing is critical to dry and pre fresh cows too.  Are your cows peaking like they should?  Contact us for an evaluation of your dry cow and pre fresh rations.  Let us show you what supplements and ingredients offer the best value for your herd.

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