Medford Cooperative believes in providing our customers the best feed product that can be manufactured. We are constantly looking at ways to improve our manufacturing process to increase quality and efficiency.  A couple of years ago we started the process of replacing our feed mixers.  The mixers were both over 30 years old and becoming very difficult to maintain.  I investigated new feed mixing technology, deciding on a 4 ton twin shaft mixer from Scott Manufacturing in New Prague Minnesota. Our board of directors unanimously approved the project.  A year later, the plans were completed and a date for the project was set, September 21 2015.

All our feed customers were contacted and had their feed bins filled with feed to get through the week that we would need for installation.  The crew came on Monday the 21st to remove the old mixers.  On Wednesday the 23rd the new mixer was installed.  All piping and electrical was completed by the afternoon of Monday the 28th, and our first feed batch in the new mixer was made.  It was quite a project, and although it didn’t always feel that way at the time, it went very smooth.

All of us at Medford Cooperative are very excited to offer our customers a new and better way to mix feed.  We wanted to share with you a slideshow of the project, so you can see what we have done.  Mixing times are way down, quality of the mix is better, and our work environment is much cleaner.  Medford Cooperative has invested in the future of our feed manufacturing business.  What we really have done is invest in the future of our customers.

Dan Tanata
Animal Nutrition & Grain Manager