Medford Cooperative Animal Nutrition believes in partnering with many suppliers to bring the best products of each supplier to our producer owners. It is a different approach than many of our competitors and yields the following benefits: the latest in feeding technology, price competitiveness, and more choice, all in one location.

Medford Cooperative Animal Nutrition has partnered with Big Gain to bring an exciting new milk replacer option to area producers. We are the first dealer in Wisconsin promoting direct ship milk replacer. The milk replacer and whole milk balancer is made by Esmilco in Lime Springs, IA. Esmilco uses quality ingredients and a cool agglomeration process to produce a powder of the highest quality with a lower level of protein denaturing. What makes the program really unique is the level of customization. Product can be tailored to our customer’s specifications and is shipped to the farm direct from the plant. This allows our customers to save money two ways: No dealer inventory markups, and you pay for only what you want. Our first 10 ton of direct ship milk replacer has saved our customers $5 to $9 per bag over the competition. Another unique feature of the product is a lower ash content, resulting in more energy being fed to your calves. Check out the options below:

Product type:
Milk replacer
25-10 Whole milk balancer
28-25 Jersey Max (all milk only)

Protein source:
All milk
Many alternative protein options

Protein-Fat levels:
28-20 through 20-20

Product Additions and Medications:
Bovatec (at 90 g/T)
Deccox (at 45.5 g/T)
NT 1600:1600
Neotec 4
MOS (2 g)
Citristim (2 g)
Probiotics (1billion CFU/lb.)
Surpack (Summit Pack plus Neotec 4)

It’s a great lineup offering you the value and choice that others don’t. We also direct ship Ultra Start 150 colostrum replacer. Its the only one with 150 grams globulin protein per feeding to insure calves get 12 IgG immunity.

Please call us at (800) 609-4304 and ask for Dan or Melvin. We would be happy to go through the program with you to determine what product fits in your operation.

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