As the summer season comes you may not be thinking of next year’s heating season but now is the time to prepare for the upcoming winter. We experienced one of the coldest winters in many years coupled with supply and pricing issues. Despite these things, we did manage to supply our customer and deliver our contracts and regular deliveries on time with no added fees. Beginning in mid-June and running until November 1st we will be offering both prepay and budget contracts to our customers. The price may vary from week to week and it is your decision on the time you would like to lock in a price.  If you feel you would rather pay on an as needed basis that is fine – the price will reflect the current market at the time of each tank fill.

We will be doing our usual summer fill program from June 1st to August 31st. Please feel free to contact us to top off your tank during this period and take advantage of the summer rates. We do request a 100 gallon minimum fill on 500 gallon tanks or larger.

As a propane supplier, we stress safety and service to our customers. Our staff is well-trained and waiting to help you with your propane needs.