Soil sampling is a vital process whether you are a rural producer or city-dwelling home owner. Soil sampling and analysis gives you chemical and physical information about your soil which can be used to optimize growth or assist in solving soil-related problems. Results from a soil test will help you make the decision whether or not to fertilize, resulting in environmental and economic benefits.
Soil test results can indicate problem areas in your soil. Some examples include: excess salts, high or low pH, problematic soil texture, adverse nutrient levels, etc. Medford Cooperative is happy to offer guidance that draws on the experience of our agronomist to make decisions on what fertilizers to use for optimal soil health. Soil test results taken over time also allow you follow changes in soil properties over time. This is useful to track remediation efforts or determine if unfavorable trends are occurring. Tests run between $15-20 and if submitted early in the season, turnaround time is relatively fast. Call us today at (715) 748-2066 to get your soil tested for this year’s growing season!