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Wolf River Valley Seeds

Dairy producers have many different criteria when it comes to choosing a corn variety. We often discuss whether the corn is going to be used only for corn silage or also as a dual purpose corn for either high moisture shell corn or dry corn.  The Medford Cooperative began working with a local seed company, Wolf River Valley Seeds.  From White Lake, WI, Wolf River Valley Seeds has a diverse product line tailored towards dairy producers in Wisconsin. They offer…


Harvest season is here and I’m excited to tell you about a new service we have available to our grain customers. For the 2016 grain season, we have added a feature that allows you to view your account information including contracts, loads, and settlements right from your own computer at home. All you need to start using this product is a computer that has access to the internet. As always, if you ever have any questions, please give us a…


Are you wondering why you should switch your truck or fleet to premium diesel? The list of benefits is long…stop by our Cenex Convenience Store to fill up!


Dairy producers choose to apply inoculant to forages and high moisture corn to protect their investment in feed against spoilage and dry matter losses.  I know there are hundreds of products to pick from.  What is the best choice? Medford Cooperative recommends Buchneri 500 from Lallemand.  Why is Buchneri 500 better?  Buchneri 500 contains 400,000 grams L. buchneri and 100,000 grams of  P. pentosaceus of LAB.  No other inoculant contains that many grams or that combination of spoilage fighting organisms. Does your current product…


The time has come…we are looking for nominations. We want you to nominate the people in our community who do good things, often with little or no recognition. Our fourth annual Tanks of Thanks celebration is set for August 25! Once again, we are joining forces with Parkfest to make each of our events even bigger. Before we can celebrate the individuals – we need you to nominate them! Download the nomination form or call us at (715) 748-2056 to nominate someone by July…