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corn frost

Temperatures will be dipping low tonight and frost will likely be something to consider. If you are wondering what impact that might have on your crops, this guide from West Central should help: CORN Germination:  Cold soil temperatures (sub 50o F) can trigger imbibitional chilling injury or cold temperature injury.  These phenomena occur when either seed kernels imbibe water that is colder than what is considered ideal resulting in ruptured tissue during cell expansion or from damage to the mesocotyl during…


Seed Treating Cost/Unit Optimize 400 $3.75 Trilex 6000 $5.50 Handling Charge $.75   Optimize 400 Optimize 400 with LCO Promoter Technology for soybeans enables your crop to achieve its full genetic potential by enhancing nutritional capabilities that drive natural growth processes, maximizing plant health and crop performance.  Optimize 400 increases yield as well as the protein and oil content of soybeans.  This product is particularly effective early in the planting season because it stimulates nodule production even when soil temperatures…


The basis of any sound animal nutrition program is evaluating what nutrients the animals are consuming.  When it comes to ruminant animals, like dairy cattle, as much as 60% of their diet comes from the forages they consume.  Forage testing on a regular basis is important to formulating a balanced ration for your dairy herd. Rock River Labs now has a forage testing facility in Colby, Wisconsin. This gives livestock producers in North Central Wisconsin a better option for testing…


Declining Class III milk futures are causing many of our dairy producer members to evaluate the cost of their rations.  I believe ration adjustments need to be evaluated closely to make sure ingredients that perform stay in these rations.  So how should we evaluate our cost of production and the economic impact that these ration changes make? I am using regularly to evaluate cost per cwt. and income over feed cost. MilkPay is a website with and excellent calculator…

Our Tire & Auto Manager shows you how to check the oil on your vehicle.

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