As we know, old man winter is on his way if we like it or not! Now is a good time to get your vehicle ready!

Make sure you always have a full tank of gas (at least no lower than half) to avoid freezing and in a case of being stranded in an emergency situation where you would need then engine to run for heat

Make sure your vehicle has all the seasonal fluids full and ready! Purchase winter windshield washer fluid to avoid freezing, and top off your antifreeze. Medford Cooperative’s Cenex Convenience Store offers fuel additives for your gas tank. For cars, add Heet to your gas tank to prevent frozen gas lines. For diesel vehicles we have supplements that prevent gelling and fuel filter icing. We also have Diesel 911 (which restores the flow of fuel to the engine caused by gelled fuel or frozen fuel filters).

You should always carry in your vehicle a blanket, ice scraper, flashlight, mini shovel, energy snacks and H20, extra clothes, hat, gloves, coats and boots (especially if all you have on is dress shoes and thin work clothes).

Stop in to the convenience store and let us help you get ready for the winter season that’s ahead of us.

Maria Brantner
Convenience Store Manager